As new parents, there are a lot of decisions to make. Part of which is establishing a new, beautiful and safe home. When it’s time to expand the family, you will realize that the alluring one bedroom isn’t a perfect fit anymore, more space is needed and the noisy neighborhood just doesn’t cut it anymore. Hence, the need for a new and suitable home.

Upsizing your home and your family can be very exciting. This is a period filled with decisions about a new chapter of your life. Starting from the type of childhood you want for your kids, to the size of your home, and your budget. This also encompasses the neighborhood, the schools, etc. The home and the environment of children affect their health, including their ability to develop optimally and achieve life goals. 

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First and foremost before getting into the intricate details about moving into a new home as new parents. Let’s look at new ways to take the stress out of finding the perfect one and moving in. 


An important question before this big move as new parents is, “how much can we afford?” It is good to have a lot of facts under consideration before buying a new home as new parents. These considerations include:

  • What are the property taxes?
  • What is the income inflow like?
  • Do we really need this much space?
  • Is the payment plan outright or in installments? 

The truth is that moving into a new home will affect the monthly budget of new parents. This is because the new home is a bigger space and bigger spaces come with bigger responsibilities. This comes in the form of maintenance and more furniture.


For first-time homebuyers, this can be a bit overwhelming and exciting too. It’s best to create a list of needs and wants to be based on the current and aspiring number of your family. As new parents expect more children, a two-bedroom house might not work for a while. 

In addition to your immediate family, other situations to be considered can also be situations where you have to play ‘host’. If you usually host out-of-town family or friends, you will want a guest bedroom. Same as if you work from home, you might need room to convert into a reliable office.


With more kids on the way, you’ll want a safe neighborhood with family-friendly amenities. You can do some research on your own in addition to the information that will be freely given to you by Brent Housing. 

The options to look into when it comes to location as new parents include:

  • Schools
  • Recreational facilities
  • Pools
  • Hospitals
  • Parks, etc


Since the main aim of getting a new home is to be able to accommodate the new family; It’s best to consider how friendly the features of the house are.

These are what to look out for when shopping for a new home and possible suggestions:

  • Hazards: This can come in the form of exposed or outdated electrical wiring systems even swimming pools too. In cases where pools must be part of a new home where kids are present, it’s best to have the pool covered completely or barricaded. 
  • Fenced yard: As new parents, it’s noteworthy that kids love to play outside most of the time. So this means that a fenced yard is important for their safety. 
  • Stairs: All stairs should be child-friendly and safely gated. 

Family and home go hand in hand. Therefore, as new parents get ready to settle into a place where you’ll make memories that last a lifetime. 

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