Energy creation and use are a major concern for Nigerians, and as such homeowners need to seek ways to realize energy-efficient homes.

An energy-efficient home can help people save money through lower electricity bills and also protect the environment in their way. With rising costs for everything and living standards changing, it is important that people find ways to properly utilize energy through improvements at home which will also have positive effects on their finances.

These changes could seem difficult but when they are completed you will find that it was the right choice to take. Now some people do not know how to make their home an energy-efficient one, if you are also not in the loop, the following points will point you in the right direction.

Regular maintenance of the Air Conditioning

People living in tropical regions like Nigeria are always in need of cooling in their homes or offices, this means lots of energy is used to run the air conditioners. Some of these air conditioners run for 24/7, without maintenance or servicing this means there is more strain on its performance due to the air filters been blocked. This will lead to considerable energy consumption and larger bills.

To reduce its energy consumption regular maintenance of at least once a year is required. This will aid in its functioning and it wouldn’t have to work harder than necessary to produce cool air.

Energy-Efficient homes

Consider switching to Solar

The convenience that solar energy provides is massive. The Sub-Saharan region has an abundance of sunshine waiting to be utilized, switching to solar energy for any homeowner can quickly prove to be an investment worth every penny. With solar, there is little need to use public supply, and depending on the capacity of the battery cells you purchase for your home, it can serve you for three to five years without having to replace them.

This will have a huge impact on monthly bills and result in huge savings from your electricity budget. Also making your home a solar-powered home will provide you with clean energy and more convenience.

Cover holes and gaps

Holes and gaps in a home can be troubling. You will find that even when your windows and doors are shut there is a draft and lots of breeze coming in. These holes and gaps make regulating the temperature in your home hard, and when they get bigger you might even begin to see rodents and insects come in numbers.

Sorting this out by filling up these holes and finding areas where there are gaps and covering them as well can help regulate room temperatures effectively and also give the home a presentable appearance.

Energy-Efficient home

Use energy-efficient home appliances

Upgrading of appliances can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do, because if the old ones are working well why get a new one. But the thing is old appliances were not built with energy efficiency in mind. They use a lot of energy that new and improved appliances do not use and still give the same results, and they ultimately lead to lower energy consumption and lesser energy bills.

Old appliances like air conditioners, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, washers are large energy consumers. New products are available today and they work with smart technology to use less energy to perform the same tasks. Adopting them will significantly reduce energy consumption and provide you with more savings.


With the many benefits you get for turning your home to an energy-efficient one, the crown on it is, it has a higher resale value and can easily sell than a home that isn’t energy-efficient. Making these adjustments and adopting better energy management practices is a practical way to lower energy bills and increase savings. Log on to today to find a energy-efficient home that suits you.