If you are looking for a property to buy, rent or sell then you need a good real estate agent to get you the best possible deal.

A real estate agent is a trained professional that negotiate deals on your behalf either as a buyer or seller. When you hire one he will take charge of offers, negotiations and house inspections till when an agreement is reached and the contract, signed.

Having an agent frees you from getting financially and emotionally overwhelmed when you are planning to buy, sell or rent a house. But how do you find a good one?

You can find an agent through referrals from your family or friends. Or go to online directories like Brent housing that offers real estate advice and also provides listings for a wide range of properties.

When you figure out how to find an agent you will then proceed to interview as many as you can. This is important because you cannot just hear from one agent and think he is good enough, you need to search for multiple agents so that the one that impresses you the most will get the job.

The good thing about choosing the right real estate agent in Abuja is that he will negotiate sternly on your behalf and not take any deal handed to him by the other party.

Questions you should ask a real estate agent to know if he is good before hiring.

  • First, ask for a list of recent references
  • Then ask each agent you’re interviewing how they intend to help you find the perfect home if you are a buyer or sell your home if you are a seller
  • Ask the agent to give you a list of his recent sales.
  • Ask the agent what percentage he charges for his services.

Here are the things you can do to find a good real estate agent in Abuja.

The real estate agent must be licensed

Any real estate agent working in the capital territory must be licensed to practice, and you can find out if an agent is licensed by checking the FCT real estate commission website.

The agent should have a sound market knowledge

Every real estate market area is different from another. Find an agent that has a broad knowledge of the area you want to buy, sell or rent a house.

When you call the agent, ask where they particularly cover in Abuja, and ensure you do not disclose the location of your property if you are a seller, and if you are a buyer do not tell the agent where you want to buy a house.  

If the agent is truly familiar with the area you are interested in, they will be able to tell you how the market in that area is, what the going price is for homes there, and what is the asking price of the different types of homes in the area. This will give you an idea of the price your house can go for if you are selling and how much you should be expecting if you want to buy a property.

Know the agents level of experience

Experience is important to you when you want the best deal either as a buyer or seller. Career professionals in the real estate industry know their worth and tend to ask for higher commissions in deals. If you get one to be your agent, then you will ‘rest easy’ and see them bring the best deal to you. Remember to always go for experts in the area you want to buy, sell or rent a property.

Be sure the agent understands your expectations

If you want to sell your home, you need to find an agent that understands what you want to take out of the deal in the end. He should be able to provide you with information about recent sales in your neighborhood and what price range you should give the house for. This will help you know how long your property could be on the market and how soon it could be sold.

The agent should explain to you what they make from a deal

The services that a real estate agent offers are paid with a commission from the sale of a property, or when a person rents a house. This total breakdown needs to be made clear to you the client, and if there are any other possible charges the agent should let you know of it before entering an agreement for him to represent you.

The information you have collected from the many agents you have interviewed will help you decide which agent’s commission is reasonable in comparison to their expertise.


Finding a good real estate agent in Abuja can come from a lot of sources, but if you find one that is experienced, knowledgeable and you like, hire him so that you can get good representation for any real estate deal. Log on to brenthousing.com today and find an agent that would work for you.