We all want to own a property and not just occupy one. But, owning any property comes with its unpleasant drama if the right procedures are not followed.

Some common cases involve some so-called “real estate” agents taking advantage of the gullible nature of some clients by reselling a property they had no right to sell, thereby causing unending court litigation between individuals who had no idea of what they needed to know before purchasing or leasing a property.

Before you buy or lease any property either for business or leisure, you should bear in mind that having some certain documents in your possession would save you a lot of headache and heartache that comes with alleged illegal occupancy, and that’s why using a real estate agent from Brent Housing as a front on every purchase or sale in a property deal is always the right thing to do.


Real estate agents have all the required expertise to handle all the delicate steps involved in making a property truly yours. However, if your real estate agent doesn’t provide you with the necessary documents I will be explaining below, you have every right to request for them, as long as you have held your end of the deal.

Here is the list of documents to look out for in any eventuality you desire to seek or own a property.

  • Right of occupancy
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Deed of assignment
  • Deed of lease
  • Deed of sublease
  • Deed of mortgage
  • Survey plan

Certificate of occupancy: a certificate of occupancy (C of O) is given to an individual by the state government after the said individual must have proved his/her ownership. You should be aware that every land to be built on in Nigeria is first owned by the Nigerian government before anyone else, therefore, owning a C of O legally hands over that right to you. A good real estate agent should help you procure a C of O without any hassle.

Right of occupancy: the right of occupancy, also known as “land certificate” grants the owner of the landed property, be it an individual or a cooperate organization the right to use a property in a government-approved area. It was added to the government land use act of 1978 and runs for a maximum period of 99 years for residential purposes, and 35-70 years for other uses.

Deed of assignment: This is the most important document a landowner should require from an estate agent upon completion of payment. A deed of assignment is a written document that stipulates the financial details of a real estate transaction. It also includes specific details of the transaction that includes the transfer of ownership.


Deed of lease: this is a formal document that can also be in the form of a contract entered into by a tenant who intends to use a property. This document is prepared based on information and conclusion that have been reached between the landlord and the tenant. It is important that you consult your real estate agent before signing any of such documents, and also have your real estate agent ensure that the terms in the document are in line with what was initially agreed.

Deed of sublease: This is a document indicating that a real estate property that was leased by personnel is being subleased by other personnel. This document is only valid if the personnel subleasing the property is still within their legal right to occupy the property in the first place.

Deed of mortgage: some persons have used the word “mortgage” a lot without knowing its actual implication. Well, a deed of mortgage can be a security for a loan, which is backed with an undertaking to repay at an agreed date, and it could also be a deed signed to own a property as long as an agreed payment plan is made, and as at when due until the complete payment is made.

Survey plan: surveyors are professionals who handle survey related matters, and as such, they possess knowledgeable expertise in drafting a survey plan. The survey plan in question shows the boundary measurement of the real estate property, and also carries the precise measurement of the land.



In actual terms, you don’t have to bother yourself in acquiring any of the aforementioned documents if you allow a real estate agent handle the dealings on your behalf, and at Brent housing, not only do we ensure that your housing needs are met, but that every legal requirement is updated.

With Brent housing as your real estate broker, you have nothing to worry about, let us do that for you.