What are the mistakes to avoid when designing your bedroom? The bedroom is a very important room in the living space of a house. Most of our time is spent lounging, working, sleeping or resting in this section of the house. A comfortable and well thought out bedroom design would go a long way in providing the best bedroom experience. If it’s a new bedroom you are designing. You would certainly want an atmosphere that’s accommodating and conducive.

Below is a list of things to look out for when designing a bedroom:


colors of a bedroom

Colors play a significant role in the total appearance of a room. Research has shown that major colors of a room can affect one’s overall mood and sleep patterns. For example Light toned colors such as white and grey has been known to be a popular choice due to its activeness in inducing sleep.


mistakes to avoid

As with the case of colors, lighting is also a very important factor to creating a conducive environment not just for living in but for thinking clearly. Research has shown that people who stay in well lit areas are less likely to experience mental stress. It is a very important factor to get right in the design of a bedroom.

When designing your space, it is advised to avoid placing any object that blocks the light from penetrating into the room. Positioning of lamps for build-in-lights is key in the proper illumination of the room, using soft and warm lights gives one the feeling of calm and tranquility while bright lights could get too harsh for the eyes.


bedroom design

The function of the bedroom cut across many uses from sleeping, to storage of personal items like clothes, accessories and much more. So getting the right sized items such as furniture to fit into your space should be highly considered. 


bedroom design

The furniture or decor theme you decide to use should reflect your style. Here’s a few bedroom decor advise:

  • ART: art should be hanged above the bed space.
  • MIRROR: Mirrors could be placed on or beside dressers.
  • RUG: a good rug would cozy up your bedroom and absorb sound. This could be placed at the Center of the room.

….well there you have it! apply your personal touch in everything around your bedroom and make decorating an adventure. There mistakes to avoid when designing your bedroom, and you don’t need to make them.