Having a smart home provides you with a comfortable and secure space to relax and enjoy. Due to the technological advances of the 21st century, people now have an option to automate their homes with a host of security apps, utility appliances, and other devices to help run the home more effectively and efficiently.

This type of home can be as elegant or simple as any other home but the difference is, it has security systems and apps installed to make it smarter and cooler. Smart technology helps you monitor your house when you are not at home during the day and also has energy applications that keep your appliances and utilities like electricity, water, and gas in check, to give your finances a break.

Living in a smart home comes with a lot of ease that all you need to do is click a button on your device or say a command if you have a voice-enabled smart system, and just like that you control every switch in your home. That is awesome.

For instance, if you own a smart house, and go out to work with a feeling that you probably did not turn off the TV or set the security alarm. All you need to do is use your smart device to check your home and control these appliances from where you are to set the security alarm and turn off the TV. It’s that easy with smart technology.

A home built with smart technology enables you to connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.

Many homes at Brent Housing use smart appliances with internet connections that you can control with a smartphone or tablet, to give commands from anywhere. Also any device that runs on electricity can be connected to the proprietary hub or controller, which can be operated from your smart device even when you are not home.

There are a lot of benefits you can get if you own a smart home. Here are some.

A smart home helps you conserve energy

Energy is very important in our lives today, and finding more ways to be more efficient in using it is equally important. Owning a home with smart technology can do just that.

With smart technology your home will record and anticipate your needs to use the precise amount of energy to run effectively.

When the usage of utilities like electricity, gas, and water are efficient, your bill payments drop.

Some of the energy-efficient products you can find for your home include; Smart electrical outlets, smart lighting thermostats, and power meters.

Security when you are in or out

A home with smart technology should have a security system that works day and night, whether you are in or out. This affords you to be more relaxed when you are away from home.

If there is an intrusion at your home, protocols like your house-entering lockdown and sending an alarm to you and the police are initiated. This will help you stay secure even when you are home or if you are sleeping and there are disturbances you will be relaxed because your home is the first line of defense in the case of any danger.

Smart security systems can apply to any kind of home, be it a loft, a bedroom flat, duplex, or mansion, the system covers every entrance and exit. And if there is an intrusion or disturbance in your absence your home takes record of it and gives you the report when you return. 

Devices that can ensure security at your home are, cameras, environmental sensors, motion sensors, electric locks, face ID and so many others.

Gives a modern atmosphere

A smart home learns from you. The things you enjoy, your kind of music, movies, and lights. It also adapts to the different modes you are in when you give a command and what you do when others are around.

These homes also learn what your visitors like as well. Say you are hosting a house party, your house can choose who and who not to give access to and where a visitor can enter and where they can’t.

Your home should smartly detect when there is a need for the room to be lighter or darker. And just like this feature, it can adjust everything in the house to give the energy to enhance the mood you want.

Products like Led lights with multiple colors, speakers around the house, the air conditioning and temperature of the house can impact the atmosphere of your home.

You will get unmatched comfort

Every smart home is an asset to the owner. It should be able to help the owner to achieve tasks with ease and efficiency.  

If you return home from work and you are too tired to even pick up the remote to turn on the TV to watch your favorite show, start the water heater on and take a refreshing bath, or change the room temperature to help you sleep better. Getting your home to become smart is just what you need.

All these commands can be given and carried out if you own a home with smart technology. Your home’s proprietary hub can have a command module that supports voice commands or you can simply pick up your smartphone and click to change and adjust the feature as you please.

With smart technology your home can run seamlessly integrating art, science and entertainment to give you so much fun.

The gadgets and appliances used to run a smart home might not be cheap but they will surely make your life at home easier.

Always ensure that the smart products you buy like appliances and devices are compatible with your proprietary hub so that you can get the full value of what they can offer to make your home smart.


Living in a technologically advanced home will give you a more hands-free approach to a lot of daily tasks, and give you a true sense of living in the technological age. The automated home is ideal for you to get ahead of energy expenses and experience better security standards.

Find your own beautiful smart home at brenthousing.com today.