It’s no news that the real estate business in 2021 has taken a new look due to the pandemic of 2020. 

While the pandemic did disrupt home sales in 2021, the market quickly made an impressive rebound.

Whether you’re selling, buying, or staying put. In this article, Brent Housing will be discussing some 2021 real estate trends you need to know. As a buyer and as a seller.


This has put a big smile on the faces of sellers. It’s not very wonderful news for prospective buyers but we have some advice too.

If you’re going to buy a home in this expensive market, you absolutely must find out how much you can really afford. Commit to staying within that budgeted amount no matter how much pressure you feel watching competitors pluck good homes off the market.

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For sellers, a nice profit may be on the horizon. That’s great news because you’ll really want that extra money. To get the best offer for your home, work with an experienced real estate agent who really knows your local market. Brent Housing comes off as the best in Abuja and its environs. 


No doubt you’ve heard of real estate services like Brent Housing virtual inspections. This allows you to browse or list homes for sale online with the click of a button. Also, did you know that online services are now offering to buy and sell your house for you?

In related news, digital technology is also making it easier to handle document-based tasks virtually. For example, many home transactions are using electronic signature apps and remote online notarization to streamline the process. In other words, there’s a chance you can buy or sell a house this year without getting out of your car. 


What if you’re not buying or selling a house this quarter of the year? There are still no problems. Just that there a few very important real estate facts that you should keep in mind. 

  • Regardless of your neighborhood, there is always an interested buyer. Due to the steady rise in prices, most buyers tend to be less choosy.
  • A real estate crash looks very unlikely. You might be wondering if the housing market could collapse. Well while it’s almost impossible to know for sure. A real estate/house crashing is unlikely. 

Whether you’re selling or buying, you can take advantage of the current trends by partnering with a professional real estate agent. Contact and stay in contact with Brent Housing by clicking here