Abuja, federal capital territory (FCT) is situated almost at the very center of Nigeria, which was created in 1976. It is one of the fastest growing cities in west Africa.  

Searching for the perfect home in Abuja can become grueling and time consuming. However, being armed with the right knowledge and information can help you successfully choose the right home.

Here are a couple of things to consider before getting a property in Abuja


abuja houses

Choosing a suitable location when it comes to buying a home is a vital factor to be considered. Whether it’s a vacation home or a home away from home, its location within the city confines is largely affected by the usage of the property.

Abuja contains various urban neighborhoods like Maitama, Jabi, Wuse and so many satellite towns all with its own uniqueness and proximity to the city center, so when choosing to buy a home your location should be considered first.


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Buying a property boils down to your budget. Abuja city is filled with one of the most luxurious houses on the property market, great care should be considered when buying to avoid exceeding one’s housing budget.

Regardless of how much you are willing to pay, never hurry to settle for a house without first doing your own research on the market. Knowing the shift in property value and prices of neighboring homes should be vital in your decisions.


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A lot of properties have been on the market for long and so have their problems. Giving a close eye inspection to prospective homes should not be taken lightly.

From checking structural integrity, water availability, to legal matters. This should all be done in consideration with the fact that houses that prove to be of excellent conditions are usually higher priced to that of old or damaged condition.


It doesn’t matter if you have lived in Abuja or you are new in the city. When looking into buying a house in Abuja, it is crucial to employ the use of real estate agencies.

These agents provide you with real time information that is not available to the public. Secondly, they possess reliable and vast amounts of data, statistics and are abreast of current market trends.


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During the final decisions of property buying, one should take note to ensure documents of property bought are within the correct legal parameters.

The use of a property lawyer would ease and ensure that all transactions and deeds are legal and in your best interest.

In search of a good property in Abuja?

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