If you want to invest in real estate but do not have a lot of expendable money, you’re not alone.

Many new investors understand the benefits of owning real estate but don’t have millions of naira in the bank to help them get started. 

At Brent Housing we offer numerous opportunities for you to get into real estate investment in Nigeria without breaking the bank. 

Let’s look at some affordable real estate investments so you can get off the sidelines and start investing. 


Real estate investment trusts are one of the simplest ways to get started in real estate investing. This is because their accessibility, liquidity, passive returns, and low cost of entry. A REIT is a company that pools money from multiple investors to buy or develop a variety of commercial real estate assets. 

A REIT can be private (non-publicly traded) or publicly traded. Publicly traded REITs are the most straightforward real estate investment in Nigeria option. And are as simple as buying shares in the REIT of your choice from a brokerage account. 


Some real estate experts classify your home as a liability rather than an asset. After all, if you own a home, you pay for maintenance, taxes, and possibly property insurance or mortgage. Put simply, it takes money to own, but there are ways to offset the liability to possibly become an asset where the property produces income. 

For example, if you have an additional space in your home, a garage apartment, or an in-law suite, you could rent that space out as a short-term rental. The additional income could help offset some of the expenses of homeownership or help pay off any debt at a faster rate. 

If you do not own a home yet, consider buying a duplex or a property that has the potential to rent out an additional unit. It is a big real estate investment in Nigeria.


Another option to start real estate investment in Nigeria with little upfront capital. Otherwise known as wholesaling. This specific niche of real estate investment in Nigeria allows investors to make money from a real estate transaction without ever having to buy a property themselves. 

When you wholesale a property, you find an off-market seller and get their property under contract to purchase at a set price. Typically this is low value. You then find a third-party buyer who has cash available to purchase the property and assign the contract to them at a higher price. You get paid the difference between the prices. 

Wholesaling is an active real estate investment strategy, meaning you would be doing the work in the field to find, acquire and sell the property. 

While there are expenses that come with any investment, wholesaling is relatively cheap when compared to most forms of real estate investment in Nigeria. 

As you can see, there are several options available if you want to start real estate investment in Nigeria on a budget. 

Brent Housing aims to help you find them and maximize the potential of your real estate investment, with its array of affordable options and opportunities. To get started contact us here