A wallpaper comes in handy these days ranging from its vast aesthetic appearances over paints because of their easy to use and versatility in colors and textures.

They are so easy to put up and easy to change. A house owner can decide to have a new outlook for his/her home in a split second, depending on what he wants to put as wallpapers in the home. But it is not so with paints. Paints need a professional painter to come to do the job, unlike wallpaper.

The benefits of using wallpaper

The uses of wallpapers are very numerous, and some of them include the following;

1.     Aesthetic view

One of the factors in the system of a man is the need for a good view. This affects his mental and psychological performance per time. For this reason, you see people at all costs try to make their surroundings comfortable with their personalities. Wallpapers can satisfy the aesthetic demand of a person than paints because of its numerous colors and textures. It’s just selecting the one that appeals more to the eyes.

2.     Durability and longevity of walls

Apart from its aesthetic appearance, it makes walls durable.

How can this be?

Wallpapers tend to add a protective layer to the wall that is cleanable and washable when removed, the same cannot be said about all kinds of paint.

3.     Varieties

Paints are available in solid colors so much so that if one needs a certain look, he/she needs to combine some colors to achieve it. Wallpapers are not like that. They appear in diverse varieties, some of which matches with furniture used in the home thereby making it more preferred than paints.

4.     The exactness of choice

When you select a solid color to paint your walls, what you get after painting might be different from the color you chose. Wallpapers are the same from the point of purchase to your wall, and this fact alone makes wallpapers more reliable than paints.

5.     Usage

Wallpapers are not just for walls, but can be used for other surfaces such as boards or shabby looking surfaces. They can be used to conceal these surfaces in a beautiful looking manner.

6.     Installation

Wallpapers can be installed in an entire room in a single day, but paints take a longer time to be applied on the same walls of the room. Also, the installation of wallpapers is not as messy and dirty as painting a wall. The application of paints can leave an unpleasant smell on a painter for days but not so with wallpapers.

Wallpaper installation can even be done by the owner of the house without much experience whereas, painting generally requires the services of a painter for good work.

7.     Durability

Wallpapers are more durable than paints. A durable wallpaper can last for as long as seven years, while paints tend to deteriorate after three years.

8.     Cost

Although wallpapers are more expensive than paints, because of their durability over the long run, they become cheap. This is because wallpapers do not require maintenance like paints,

In conclusion, I would go for wallpaper because of its numerous benefits, they come in different designs and patterns, and they can be done by any individual too.

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