Whether you’re in the real estate market seeking to buy or sell property, having a qualified real estate agent in your corner makes the process easier and faster.  A real estate agent is a trained professional that negotiates deals on your behalf either as a buyer or seller. When you hire one he will take charge of offers, negotiations, and house inspections till when an agreement is reached and the contract signed.


Before hiring a real estate agent, there are certain roles that the agent is meant to occupy and duties meant to fulfill. They include;

  • NEGOTIATOR BETWEEN BUYER AND SELLER: In buying or selling a landed property there can be a lot of back-and-forth negotiations, which might not be something you can handle on your own; and if you are not an agent you probably would not know what terms you are negotiating and which you should be agreeing or disagreeing with. Having an agent there with you can put all that to rest if you are buying or selling a home. 
  • SCHEDULE AND CLOSE THE DEAL: After all the necessary documents and negotiations have been completed, your agent schedules the closing. Depending on your state of mind and staying on the side of caution, attorneys will need to be present at the closing time, date, and location. The buyer’s attorney, seller’s attorney, buyer’s agent, and seller’s agent all need to see and witness the final contract to close the deal.
  • MAINTAINING CONFIDENTIALITY:  Who you hire as your agent should be trustworthy; this is important. Your agent is the one to communicate and negotiate a deal with a seller or buyer on your behalf, and since your agent’s professional fidelity is crucial, he can identify if any information requested of you is beyond necessary for a deal to happen.
  • SEARCH FOR PROPERTIES ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS: If you are looking for a home to buy, your agent can provide you with listings that fit what you are looking for. When you choose the ones you would like to see the agent will take you on a tour of the properties for further observations and initial assessment. If you want to sell your home, you need to find an agent that understands what you want to take out of the deal in the end. He should be able to provide you with information about recent sales in your neighborhood and what price range you should give the house for. This will help you know how long your property could be on the market and how soon it could be sold.
  • SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE OF THE MARKET: The agent should also show an excellent knowledge of the market. This works well for the client because the agent would be able to give the buyer considerable rates especially if he has sold many estates within the area. And in the case of a seller, the agent could offer them a great deal of the asking price for the property. If the agent is truly familiar with the area you are interested in, they will be able to tell you how the market in that area is, what the going price is for homes there, and what is the asking price of the different types of homes in the area. This will give you an idea of the price your house can go for if you are selling and how much you should be expecting if you want to buy a property.

IN CONCLUSION; The information you have collected from the many agents you have interviewed will help you decide which agent’s commission is reasonable in comparison to their expertise. With all these setups, buying or selling an estate would come out as a satisfying experience.

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