Moving into a new apartment might require some drastic changes to its appearance, and one of these changes that come to mind is the paint. There is a high chance that you won’t like the color of paint on display, and such would require that you repaint.

If you are walking on a tight budget, which is very understandable considering you just moved in, you might want to undertake this procedure yourself. Here are ten simple steps to undertake this task on your own without the help of a professional.

1.       Picture the finish from the beginning

You should have an idea of what you want the finish to look like right before you begin. Have a mental picture of the finishing process as this will aid your step in achieving the set goal.


2.       Pick your paint color

In picking your color, there are several things to note and consider before settling for a choice.

The first thing you should have in mind is how it affects your furniture. Your color choice should go a long way in blending with your furniture and décor before anything else.

You should also consider the color tone. Do you want a color with a warm outlook or a color with a cool outlook? Think about these first before settling on a choice.

3.       Get your tools and materials

For every painting procedure, there is a tool to make it come out right, and some of them include the following;

Paint – There is no painting without the paint solution; This should be ready before anything else.

Water – You will need water to reduce the viscosity (thickness) of the paint. It should be in the right proportion too.

Paint roller – The primary tool required for painting.

Paint roller extension pole – You will need an external pole to help you reach certain heights. Most rollers don’t come with an extension pole, so you might need to improvise with a mop stick or a similar item. Also, note the length of the extension; it shouldn’t be too long.

Paintbrush – A tool needed to get to the point and angle where a roller cannot reach.

Sandpaper – This is used to scrap existing contours on the wall.

Masking tape – A masking tape is required if you intend to paint your room with two different color shades.

Scrapper – A scraper is required to remove the existing layer of paint especially if you feel it will affect the new outlay.

Rags – You need a rag to keep your environment neat to avoid the paint drying up on the wrong spots.

Tape – A tape is necessary to help you take the measurements, such as the size of the space to be painted. This information is necessary to determine the amount of paint needed for the project.


4.       Determine the amount of paint you need

Since this is probably your first time doing this, you might find this tricky. However, there are online calculators to help you determine the exact amount of paint to be used.

 All you need to do is to enter the exact measurement of your room, and you will be told the number of gallons you need for the process.

5.       Protect your furniture

It is advisable to carry out any painting before moving into an apartment. However, if you decide to change the look of your room after moving in, you should ensure that your furniture and other household items are moved to the center of the house, or better still, outside. You can also employ the use of a furniture cover, anything at all that works, as long as you don’t smear your furniture with paint.


6.       Open up the windows and doors

Most paints are made with ammonium, and yours likely will. Ensure that the entire room is properly ventilated during the process. Apart from diffusing the fumes of the chemical, the fresh air will also go a long way in making the wall dry on time.

7.       Thoroughly mix your paint solution

Ensure you mix your paint with the right amount of water. It shouldn’t be too watery, or else you might lose the desired quality.

Use a stick to mix the paint and water rather than use your hand. It will ensure a proper mix of the paint solution.

8.       Pick a technique

Before you start using your rollers, ensure that you have a technique in mind before forging ahead. You can roll from the bottom to the top or vice-versa. If you will paint the ceiling, you should start with it.

Mind the pressure you apply on the roller while driving it through the surface so you don’t have paint droplets everywhere. Don’t glide your rollers on the surface when changing points, as this could leave unwanted lines after the entire process. 

Use your tape on the adjacent end of the wall to prevent the paint from splashing over to the other side. To make this possible, use your painter’s brush; it is more effective in getting to areas that the roller cannot reach.

A cosy bedroom
Master Bedroom with air conditioning unit

9.       Repeat the process again

After you are through with the entire process, roll on the surface again. This process will give your walls a brighter look, but note that the right thing to do before repainting is to wait for the first coat of paint to dry sufficiently.

10.   Clean up your workspace

If it’s your first attempt, you are likely to have a messy scene after the entire process, and this is where your rag comes in handy. You can also use a mop but bear in mind that it would leave some long-lasting stain on the mop that could stain your floor when used again. So to stay completely safe, use a rag, except you have no intention of using the mop again.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Since it’s your first time, you are likely to get frustrated at your speed. How fast you finish is mostly dependent on the size of the room. So cut yourself some slack if it takes longer than expected. It is very normal.

There are several styles and patterns for painting, but for a newbie, the steps listed above should get you the desired result.

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