The time to invest in the Abuja real estate market is now. The opportunities are limitless. Presently, you may wonder how you can invest in the abuja real estate market with what you earn at the moment.

Brent Housing has made investment in real estate easier and more achievable for investors. The flexible payment plan has ensured this.

This article is for two classes of people: 

  •  Those who have the money to invest but don’t know how and 
  •  Those who don’t have the money to invest and don’t know how.

There are various tested and trusted  ways you can invest in real estate in Abuja. Have a great read on this article.


You may ask, what does this even mean? This option is also a very common Abuja real estate investment practice where an individual builds or buys a property and then gives it out for rent. 

Easy way of making money out of a good investment. Although this particular category comes with responsibilities like; repairs, taxes, tenant management, etc.

So far, this has proved to be a good source of investment.


If you purchase a commercial property, you can do all that has been mentioned so far but one notable advantage is that it has little or no repairs to be carried out on it. If the shop is in a good location, you will get a great value for it if you have to flip it (sell it).

In the Abuja real estate market, there are very good locations to invest in commercial properties in. For instance, the Wuse area.


The Abuja real estate market is filled with individuals who want to dispose of their properties in a hurry. Some of them want to dispose because of various reasons and at lower prices because of the emergency involved. In other instances, people want to sell land, or landed properties, at a lower price because they bought it at a much lower price etc. Look for a property that is undervalued. Then proceed to purchase it and sell at the current market price. And you would have made your profit and solved the problems of the seller for which he required money.

The Abuja real estate market is a very interesting one.


With this option you may not be able to purchase a property because of the capital sum required. However, you can arrange a lease option with the owner of the property for a couple of years and then sublease the property. Of course this is not yet very common in most places in Nigeria. However, be informed that the sub-lease period should terminate before the lease expires.

In this form of investment, the idea is that an individual could lease a property for as long as 5 to 10 years and then pays a total sum for which the lessee then sub lets the property and makes his profit at the prevailing current rent obtainable from such property.

How informative did you find this article? We appreciate feedback. The Abuja real estate market is not a complicated one. 

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